The Department of Female Students at Al-Ghad International College, Abha, organized a multi-pillar educational and educational exhibition to introduce some of the spreading diseases, in order to enhance the medical and preventive culture, and raise the level of health awareness of these diseases.

The exhibition included a special corner for thalassemia – sickle cell anemia, in which the participating students presented rich information about the disease, its causes and methods of treatment, where we advised the next young people to marry both sexes, the necessity of conducting the necessary medical examinations before marriage, to reduce the chances of contracting the disease, and to preserve A new generation, free from genetic diseases.

The exhibition also included a corner for diabetes that has a comprehensive definition of the disease and its possible complications in the event that the patient does not adhere to medical advice, as well as the necessity to pay attention to the psychological aspect of the diabetic patient, and mention the importance of educating the patient in the various ways to control the level of sugar in the blood, and measured at times Regular and continuous.