Al-Ghad International College has held a training course for boys and girls in Abha, in the field of first aid for employees and visitors of Al-Rashid Mall.

During the session, a comprehensive definition of first aid, its importance and its role in saving the life of the injured person in the first minutes of the injury, was made until he reached the concerned health unit.

The course included several theoretical and practical axes of first aid, during which training was made to deal with many health conditions, and how to treat them in a timely manner, such as bleeding, asphyxia, fractures, burns, wounds, and how to heal them, in addition to dealing with cases of epilepsy and fainting, and how to perform CPR operations for all age categories.

This course, which witnessed a great demand from the employees and visitors of the mall, comes within the framework of the social responsibility of Al-Ghad International College , and based on its pioneering role in community service by spreading health and medical awareness among the various social strata.