An overview of the College

Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences stand as an exceptional and specialized edifice for applied medical sciences. The Colleges were established in the year 2009 in which the first batch of students were registered and accepted. The Colleges are governed by the regulations and rules of the Saudi Ministry of Education. Numerous college campuses are spread across the Kingdom in various areas including Jeddah, Riyadh, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Abha, Qassim, Najran, Tabuk and Dammam. It’s worth mentioning that all campuses include a separate section for both male and female students - except Najran campus which is only dedicated for male students.
Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Abha represents one of the Colleges’ campuses. It opens registration in Bachelor programs for Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Medical Imaging Technology and Medical Laboratory Science for the male students’ section, as well as Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science for the female students’ section. The first batch of graduates from Al-Ghad International College for Applied Medical Sciences in Abha was in 2012. The number of graduates of both genders reached 631 at the end of the Academic Year 2018/2019.

The College’s facilities

The past years witnessed the implementation of 230 projects at a total cost of 8.110 Million Saudi Riyals. In addition, 132 projects were implemented at a total cost exceeding 1.416 Million Saudi Riyals. The numbers of Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) increased in 2011 to reach 340 PHC, while the bed capacity of hospitals in the area increased to 5800 beds. The number of government hospitals in the area totaled 28 including 7 hospitals under construction and equipping. All these developments transform the Aseer region to a promising future in healthcare services. At the same time, the region also encompasses countless medical jobs awaiting competent medical calibers. Al-Ghad International Colleges strives to capture a share of those employment opportunities for its graduates.

The University Stage

Al-Ghad International College offers various bachelor degrees in a wide range of applied medical specialties. An academic program consists of four studying years in the specialty, followed by an internship year to offer real-life experience. Students undertake internships in accordance with the contracts concluded with well-reputed hospitals for each specialty, under the supervision of a qualified faculty and training supervisors whether internally or externally.

Specialties offered in the Academic Year 1439 / 1440 AH

Male Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Emergency Medicine
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging Technology (BSc. in MIT)

Female Students Section:

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc)