The Student Advisory Council:

The Student Advisory Council aspires to strengthen and enhance communication between male/female students and faculty members on the one hand and between students and the College deanship on the other hand. The creation of this communication channel benefits the College’s learning outcomes, adjusts its curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to enrich their experience.


  • Create a channel of communication between the College and its male/female students to ensure the smooth functioning of academic, educational and service processes across the College.
  • Understand male/female students’ point of views regarding academic activities, extracurricular activities and services offered to them at the College.
  • Offer advice and counselling to the College Dean on areas of interest to students of both genders.
  • Cooperate to create an ideal College environment to acquire knowledge, noble ideals and ethics; to become acquainted with each other and realize harmony among faculty members, personnel and students.
  • Link male/female students to the College and its activities.
  • Provide clarification to male/female students regarding the significance of processes which might seem ambiguous to them.

Meeting Schedules:

A periodic meeting is held each semester in the Academic Year, while irregular or urgent meetings are held non-periodically. Emergency meetings are held to discuss topics on the agenda. The Board Chairman calls for the meetings based on a request made by at least half of the board members.